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Last updated 6/15/2017

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September, 2017

Heart to Heart – Hand in Hand

As I look out across the field and ponds from in my backyard all I see is thick fog. At the same time birds are singing and the sounds of frogs and cicadas softly echoing in the background of the early morning. How peaceful this part of my world is. September is here, the long hot days of summer will soon give away to the cool crisp breeze of autumn.

Change is being felt all around the world. The great awakening of the soul is calling us to experience the multi-level being of who we are. Can you feel the peace as well as the pain in our surroundings? Can you feel the strength and struggle in the midst of great destruction across the land? What a wakeup call for humanity! Mother Nature herself is calling us to open our heart; calling us to a place of experiencing love and oneness. Just as I am discovering my personal agenda of things in the outer world are quickly fading away, the sun light of love breaks through the fog to show more clearly what is really important for all of humanity. I see people reaching out to each other to give and receive the love and support that is needed. Can you feel a deep opening in your hearts along with that of humanity? Do you feel a longing to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” There is a feeling that at last the old teaching of separation and division will someday come to an end.

The only way this separation and division will end is when it ends in us! We can only speak for ourselves not for another. I no longer stand for what my personality thinks is the right way or the wrong way but I now stand for the highest and best for all humanity. May my will and the Divine will be ONE! As my brother Jesus prayed to the Father, “not my will but your will be done.” I desire that I may be of service for the highest and best.

Will you stand with me? Let us be the hands, feet and heart of God in the world. May we put action behind our words as co-creators of a better tomorrow for all the world.

Namaste my Beloved Family,
Reverend Elizabeth



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