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Last updated 6/15/2017

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Feel the Love
I believe we are all born into this world with something already within us that connects us to all levels of being (the seen & unseen). I believe this splendor within is Love. Love is who we are and we are now evolving to a place where we can experience it in multiple ways in our lives.

It was 5:30am and my eyes began to open to a new day. I was leaving behind dreams of friends who were no longer in physical form, or was I? My friend for over 40 years, Vaughn Boone, was still in my thoughts. It felt as though he wanted to share the morning with me. Memories of him lingered in my mind. Tony was already up and the smell of freshly brewed coffee was coming from the kitchen. As I started toward the kitchen a beautiful stream of moonlight filled the unlit living room and dining room.

The first thing out of my mouth was, “what is the moon doing on the back side of the house?” (We have been living in our home in Advance, NC for three years and the moon has always been in the front of our home.)

We both laughed as we said at the same time, “we’ve shifted!” In that moment there was a sweetness in our home. I could feel the presences of unseen Beings rejoicing because we were experiencing the subtle waves of change. Tony smiled as he reached for his iPad. I was thinking, “why is he picking up his iPad? Doesn’t he feel Vaughn and other spirit friends celebrating this beautiful morning with us?”

To my surprise…Tony played one of Vaughn’s favorite songs!! “How Could Anyone Ever Tell You, you are anything less than beautiful how could anyone ever tell you, you are less than whole!” WOW…he was responding to the energy in the room too!
There is more to the story. Last night Tony and I had been sharing how deeply we wanted to be much more than we feel we are in our personal and professional lives. We were both criticizing ourselves. I guess we both went to sleep that night questioning our self-worth.

Tony shared that he had woken up around 4:30am that morning. Our dog Jasper was standing beside the bed wagging his tail. Jasper seemed to have a big smile on his cute little face. As Tony looked at Jasper he said the song, “How Could Anyone Tell You” started playing in his head. Maybe Jasper was experiencing the presence of Vaughn and the magical flow of joy, peace and love that filled our home long before we even noticed it.

Maybe Vaughn was telling us, “Stop All Condemnation! See how beautiful you are and everyone else is! That’s what we need to remember. We are here in physical form to discover the magnificent splendor within us and set it free. We hold within us all the answers to a life of love, liberty and abundance.”

Let’s make a shift so we can see the beauty and feel the Love. Happy Valentine’s from me to you and to all life everywhere!

From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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