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Last updated 8/22/2018

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Feel the Change

As I stepped outside on the back porch, I felt that fall had arrived as cool breezes moved across the land. In the past few days the wind and rain from Hurricane Michael swept away homes, dreams and lives; leaving behind heartache and loss. Life as we knew it on the inner and outer world was changing. As soon as the thought of how bad everything seemed to be, with major storms and destruction in the world along with the raging emotional storms that have been ripping apart family, friends and our nation…the morning sun began to awaken in the sky as light streamed across the back yard.

The Yadkin River that was usually a little out of view from where I stood had overflowed its bank. The river had filled the open field and had managed to merge with the ponds in the back yard. How beautiful!

Guilt swept over me because in the same second that I was experiencing the beauty of the aftermath of the storm, so many others were experiencing pain and loss. For a moment I felt overwhelmed with the two extreme views. Then my heart seemed to say, “There is light even in the darkness.”

The Light within my heart was telling me that within the dark days that have covered our nation, light will come forth. A light of Love, Faith, Peace and Understanding will arise! I could see the banks of the mighty river that flowed from the heart of God now over flowing many of the hearts of humanity and flowing out into the world where we can see it.

See the love, see the compassion, and see the respect being expressed through individuals that will allow themselves to be what the master Jesus said we are. Jesus said, “You are the Light in the World.” Yes, YOU!!! He also said, “Do not hide your light!” It is time to let our light of love and peace shine throughout the land.

May we let the change of a new season, a new world, a new consciousness begin with us. We were born for this new day. Can you feel the change from darkness to light…the Dawn of a New Day in history?

Let the change begin within!!

From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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