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Last updated 4/19/2018

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A New Tomorrow Today
So much has been happening so fast this month. The war in Syria, the weather patterns and even tornadoes!

Tears filled my eyes as my heart felt the pain and destruction created by man and by Mother Nature during the last few weeks; yet right in the middle of all this, the flowers are growing, the birds are singing and people are coming together to help each other. As I bowed my head to pray I was definitely not alone. People all around the world were asking themselves, “what next?” A storm has just moved through our neighborhood. I turned the TV on to see if all is well, only to discover the mass destruction in Greensboro. In the middle of all the destruction of Mother Nature, people were giving thanks that they and others were safe. What looked like a war zone had taken very few precious lives and in the middle of all the rubble people were reaching out to help each other. Gratitude seemed to rise to the forefront of each conversation. Many began to share their amazing stories of homes being destroyed while they were inside the home, yet…they were not harmed.

The storm has passed. Rain is still falling and the little frogs at the pond are singing as a gentle breeze sends ripples across the water. All seems at peace.

Have you ever been under so much anger, stress, pain, disappointment or tension that you just want to scream at the top of your lungs and throw something across the room in an effort to release your built up energy? Wow!!! Where did that thought come from? From all the pain of humanity! It is an energy many have been touched by in some way in the past few years. We have been seeing people all over the world exploding because there seems to be no answer to personal or world problems. Mother Nature seems to be releasing pent up energy or is she reacting to the emotions of humanity?

Maybe she is trying to show us a bigger picture, one of Hope and Unity. After a major storm, right in the middle of loss, pain, disappointment, devastation and grief, we can find gratitude for what we do have. In the middle of broken dreams and loss we can reach out to strangers to give a helping hand or receive a hug. In the middle of emotional storms that have swept our land can we forget the color of our skin and the different walks of life? Can we see what destruction and devastation we have created in the great emotional storm of 2017-2018? The greater storm has been within not without.

May peace, joy and friendship begin to the blossom in the middle of all the emotional devastation across our land. As John Lennon sang, “I may only be a dreamer but I am not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one.”
If we can pull together and rebuild after the major storms that have hit our country over the past few years, we have the power to restore beauty and peace in our hearts and minds as we come together building a new tomorrow TODAY.

From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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