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Last updated 6/15/2017

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November, 2017

Surrender in the Arms of Love
It’s 4:44 AM. A chill is in the air so I turned the fireplace on and relaxed in front of its warm glow. How grateful I am to just be in the moment. I can feel peace gently surrounding me…uummm…I would love to feel this peaceful all day long…what just happened???

Did you just hear what I heard? “THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE” ran through my mind loud and clear. It looks like that thought just popped in to let me know that I am not powerful enough to remain in peace for a few minutes; so all day long is “NOT POSSIBLE!” As Byron Katie would say “do you know this to be true?”

I took a moment to watch thoughts as they moved this way and that. From belief to unbelief, from faith to fear, joy to sadness, pain to peace. All it takes is one thought and more of the same kind will chime in singing songs of doom and gloom until it swiftly jumps in a different direction. I’ve noticed this before but somehow this November morning feels unlike any other morning. There is a deep awareness that…(I do not need to accept every thought that pops in my head).

A strength and knowingness from within washed over me. I knew the thought “it’s not possible to have peace all day” is not true. All at once love reached out to embrace that thought, not to do battle with it but to just hold it in love.

As love embraced the thought of unbelief, things made a BIG SHIFT! It felt like I was love reaching out to a thought I no longer believe to be true. The thought took the form of a wild frightened kitten that had never known human touch. The kitten was terrified! She scratched, clawed and hissed with enormous fear. This little creature was so afraid, but afraid of what?

Afraid of the experience of surrendering into the arms of love and peace?

Am I the kitten? Is fear what blocks me from experiencing peace and trust in every moment of every day?

My mind cried out “I am not a fearful person!” I am not that kitten wrestling in the arms of love that is so gently holding her!

I realized I had to take a deeper look inside myself.

Just like the wild frightened little kitty, I felt an instinctual fear of what might happen next in life. The old programming of fight or flight that has been in our DNA for eons turned loose! In that moment I suddenly relaxed and let go and became aware that just like the kitten, I was being held in the arms of love and peace. I became aware of a Living Loving Presence but it was not outside of me, it was within me! The arms of God’s love and peace were my arms. God was holding me from inside out and I seemed to melt into the awareness of the Oneness of Life.

Moments later I began to become aware of sitting in the room by the fireplace. A soft voice from within gently spoke to me. “It’s time to turn loose of false beliefs and fears my child. Surrender, let go and relax into the arms of Love and Peace. You can now turn loose of the outer world and rest. Just allow me to hold you and nurture you. You have nothing to fear, rest in the arms of Love.”

Did you realize we just took a journey together? In the Oneness of who we are, I felt your fear in me as the fear in the kitten…WOW! Did you feel it too? Did you also feel the love of Divine Presence as it held us so gently, assuring us that all is well? We have so much to be thankful for! Humanity is at last becoming consciously aware that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are One with each other and all life!

May we experience the Oneness of Peace and Love now and forever more. See it…Believe it…Be it!!!

And so it is…

Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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