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Last updated 8/22/2018

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Wisdom of the Tree

Every season holds within itself great wisdom to unfold. As fall is now before us the trees show forth their true beauty of yellow, red, brown, orange, green and gold. The cold winds will soon be blowing as the sunlight of day is shortened and the wisdom of the tree seems to snuggle deep inside. The tree holds great wisdom when the outer world becomes so cool. It seems to go into deep meditation that shields it from the cool. As the tree goes within I think it finds a peaceful place to rest as it releases all the outer world of heaviness and stress. The winter winds will later begin blowing and ice and snow will start to fall, but the tree pays no attention to the outer things at all. In its wisdom it becomes silent as these cold winds blow. Then in its wisdom it releases and let’s go of all it once held so tightly to. I think in the trees great wisdom it is speaking to us saying, “In times of heavy storms of life, meditate and pray. Go deep within yourself and find that place of rest and release all of the outer thoughts of heaviness and stress. As the outside world views you they will feel your peace within, for they recognize you are not connected to the outer storms of life.”

As the tree begins to gently awaken the cooler days will have turned to spring. The sun will soon be shining more brightly and birds begin to sing their songs of joy. It only takes a moment to take time to meditate and pray, to drop the things that weigh you down. Go within to find your way. From the silence we may notice the beauty is within and as we bring that beauty to the outer world we grow stronger from within.

Have you found the wisdom that the tree brings us today? In a moment of silence drop all things that hold you down, pay no attention to the outer world as peace can now be found. From the place of the inner world your roots can grow deep within. They are so strong that whatever the outer appearance of life seems to be you may just discover that there is no need to fear or be alarmed. Now you have a place to go, a place deep within where you may find every answer to how to start the day again.

No evil thing can harm you for the peace of God is within. For it may be in the coldest moments of life that we discover how to grow again. The power of God’s life is within us all. Just be still and know that hard times don’t come to harm us, they come to help us be strong and grow. May we each discover that deep peace within and grow in love, light, wisdom, understanding and joy.

I am SO thankful that you are in my life as we grow spiritually together.


From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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