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Last updated 5/23/2018

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Nature and dreams can speak to us in symbols if we will only take the time to listen.
All through the Bible and other ancient writings, we can read of people receiving messages through dreams. Dreams sometimes bring messages of high wisdom or guidance. The Native Americans are known for their vision quest, dream time and the wisdom it brings.

Over the years people have shared their dreams with me and asked if I could help them to interpret their dreams. I’ve always enjoyed hearing about people’s dreams and questioning what the symbols might be saying.

I have a creature that shows up for me about every ten or twelve years. That’s not very often, but I remember each encounter….whether it’s in a dream or in the yard. My reaction at the sight of it usually brings up some fear. This creature may have crossed your path or slithered into your dream world. I am talking about a snake! One just happened to show up for me last week. It was right beside the driveway moving very swiftly toward my house. As I stepped off my front porch to take a closer look at him, my husband, Tony, came out of the house. The snake stopped moving. It happened to be a black snake about four or five feet long. I asked Tony not to harm the snake because I had been told that black snakes keep other snakes away. The snake seemed to know that we were watching him. He remained very still as we talked about him, then he lifted his heard and very gently turned and slowly began to move across the front yard toward the flower bushes.

That same night I had some very vivid dreams. They were not about snakes but I woke up feeling that the sight of the snake may have triggered my dreams. It made me wonder about what message the snake had for me.

Later that afternoon during meditation I began to understand the gift in the message that Mother Nature and the snake were bringing me. I was then guided to research details of the encounter and to go beyond the intellect. There is so much Mother Nature and dreams can teach us if we will take the time to listen.

Come join me on Sunday, May 27 at 7:00pm at Unity Church. Let us take time to have a “Relaxed Chat” about the language of symbols. It will be my pleasure to help you discover how to unlock the message within your own dreams.

From the Heart with Love, Peace & Blessings,
Reverend Elizabeth



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