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Sunday Worship Service Descriptions



9:00 AM Service
You will feel the love when you walk in for our 9:00 AM service as people chat and hug each other before the service begins. Music opens the worship time as all become quiet and begin private meditation in preparation for the day’s lesson. Rev. Forrest has some extra time for the lesson at 9:00 AM, because the service is less structured. She is free to go where the Holy Spirit takes her, and everyone in attendance travels along in heart and mind. There is time for discussion and learning from each other following the day’s formal lesson. Usually only adults attend this service, but children are always welcome. We have special music and always close this special service with our Family Circle and our wishes to let peace on earth begin with each of us individually.

11:00 AM Service
Around 10:30 AM people begin congregating in our kitchen for a cup of coffee and fellowship time. As with our 9:00 AM service, the love is present and felt the minute you walk through our doors. Our 11:00 AM service follows a more structured flow than the 9:00 AM service.Together we recite the Affirmation of Oneness, Opening Statement, and Mission Statement which remind us of our unity in thought. We sing Surely the Presence and The Lord’s Prayer in addition to a specially selected hymn, and we feel the music raise the energy/vibration in the room. Our Unity children (K-5th grade) stay in the sanctuary for the first part of the service, and leave for their special lessons in Children’s Church before Rev. Forrest begins the daily lesson. (We also have a nursery available from 10:30-noon for children from birth through age four.)

Rev. Forrest once again connects with the Holy Spirit to teach us as our hearts and minds soar with her. Because there are more individual elements to our 11:00 AM service, we rarely have time for discussion until after the official service ends. Each week we close with our Family Circle and our wishes to let peace on earth begin with each of us individually.


You can listen to our recent special music and
Rev. Forrest's lessons on our Audio Archives page.




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