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Transmission Meditation

Unity Church of Winston-Salem
Thursday 9-10 AM

Alternative Location*
Thursday 7-8 PM

We are each responsible for our own transformation, but the energies impacting our planet from higher realms cannot be absorbed well by many people. The Masters of Wisdom, the "Guides" of the human race, have asked our help to "step down" those energies, to make them available to everyone. By directing divine energies through us, much like a transformer, the Masters can change the frequency and vibration to a level more people can use to raise their consciousness. When we give of ourselves to this great purpose, we also receive. The energies which pass through us will accelerate our own growth and raise our vibration.

Transmission Meditation is simple and safe—anyone can do it. All it requires is willingness and desire to be of service. When we gather in group formation, there is a geometric "multiplier effect." First we use the Great Invocation to alert the Masters that we are ready. Then , as we hold our focus on the ajna center (the point between the eyebrows,) They send divine energies of Light and Love through us, which transforms these energies into a form Humanity can utilize. The Masters then direct the newly transformed energies wherever they are most needed on the planet.

Transmission Meditation is a World Service, a service to Humanity and to all life on our planet. As increasing numbers of people are able to raise their consciousness and transform their lives, Peace and Love will flow ever faster into manifestation.



For more information go to Share-International.org and/or TransmissionMeditation.org

Local Contacts:

SandraKay Lawson-Crump
(336) 978-0345

Al Palmer
(336) 926-8991

*Alternative Thursday Transmission Meditation location:
(near Old Salem) 7 PM - 8 PM
Call or text Eva at (828) 455-1250 to confirm

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