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False Beliefs
Affirmations That Speak the Truth
I'll never break that habit, it's too hard.
Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. The Spirit in me is greater than any habit. The Spirit in me now sets me free. I fearlessly take my stand for freedom, and I have mastery and perfect control. 
I'm not important. I am God's beloved child in whom He is well pleased. I am important to God and to God's plan of creation. I am important in the lives of others.
Just give up. It won't work out. It's impossible. Even though I cannot see just how things are going to work out, I know that all things are working together for good and for success, for God is working in me and through me. For all things are possible with God! 
Give up, it's incurable. The CURE is within. The inner cure is mine -- for God can do anything in me and through me.
Of course I have this condition. I inherited it from a family member. God is the one source of all and my inheritance is from God. I inherit only life, strength and health. I inherit only a perfect mind and body from God.
Things keep getting worse in this world. This is the end of times. This is God's world and God is in charge of it. All things are under God's love and protection and there is nothing to fear. God is eternal, unchanging and good. God is with us forever as our guide and our strength.
It is too late. It is never too late to express God or call forth the power and abilities with which I was created.
I am alone. I am never alone, for I am forever one with God. God loves me with an everlasting love. Through the love of God, I attract love to myself. Through knowing that I am loved, I am able to radiate love and happiness into the lives of others.
I am getting old. I am one with the eternal, inexhaustible life of Spirit. My strength is renewed; my youth is renewed. The life of God in me is ageless and unending.
Others are working against me. It isn't fair. There is no criticism or condemnation in me, to me, for or against me. I am under the law of divine love and only good and justice can manifest in my life experiences.
I'm afraid of change. God is with me through every change. I have a free and flexible mind and spirit. I am not bound by old thoughts and old ways. I am on an upward path supported by God's loving presence. I am a new creature in Christ.
I don't have time. I have all the time there is. No one has more time than I have. There is no lack of time. I now give thanks for order in my life, order in my thinking, and order in my affairs. I know that as I let God work through me, I have time to accomplish easily and perfectly all that is required of me.