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Tuesday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
New Books: Now Available:

Love, Is the
New Currency

Linda Commito

Has Forgotten No One

Gary R. Renard

Ask and It Is Given
Ester & Jerry Hicks

We'moon 2014 Gaia Rythms for Womyn:
Radical Balance: Dance
of the Five Elements

Mother Tongue Ink


Words of Power
Steve Viglione & Marilyn Powers



Mira and the Big Story
Ted Andrews

Chakra Key
Rick Ireton

Rumi's Little Book
of Love

Gary R. Renard


Laptop Bags

Cool Winter Hats!

Beautiful Jewelry

Also Available:
- CDs and DVDs
- Pendants
- Pocketbooks
- Greeting Cards
- Calendars

You can count on smiles and probably a hug or two!


There is a Lending Library in
loving memory of Rita Taylor.

Peggy Cornelius, Coordinator

If you'd like to assist in the bookstore,
please email Peggy or call her at 336-368-2932.

Our church bookstore is one of our best kept secrets--until now!

Our Friendly Staff

Kathy Byrd & Alice Monk

Janice Papst

Adelia Graham 

Wanda Pope, Pat Shouse, Merlene Smith

Need a Poncho?

Great Greeting Cards