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Last updated 05/01/2019

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Upcoming Events

The Awakening of Humanity Book Club

We will be continuing this book study on Thursday's at 10:15am (immediately following Transmission Meditation) This book club is hosted by SandraKay Lawson-Crump.


10:15 AM

Annual Homecoming Picnic

We hope you can join us on Sunday, May 19th at Triad Park in Kernersville for our annual Homecoming Picnic. Please bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to the park by 1:15PM. Lunch will be served promptly at 1:30PM!

May 19
1:00 PM

Ongoing Programs
(both weekly & monthly)

Circle of Light (meets weekly)  
This group meets on Monday nights for approximately 90 minutes to share alternative healing techniques as a complement to our Unity philosophy of wellness on every level using Reiki, Healing Touch and Quantum Touch.
Email or call Barbara Satow for more information: (336) 769-9853


7:00 PM


Mindfulness Training and Guided Meditation with Cheryl Schirillo (meets monthly)
You are invited to join Cheryl Schirillo for a Guided Mindfulness/Meditation Session in our sanctuary. There is no set cost for this gathering, but heart donations are appropriate and appreciated and are shared with Unity Church.
For more information, please send an email to cheryl@mybridges.net.

1st Tuesday
each month

11:45 AM -
1:00 PM

Astrology Classes (meets monthly)
• Call Deene Olson for more info. (336) 794-8183 or email at: deenieo@bellsouth.net

2nd Tuesday
each month
2:00-4:00 PM
A Course in Miracles (meets weekly)
Join us for lively discussions, meditation, and fellowship during our 60-minute weekly book study group based around the text of the book, A Course in Miracles (available in our bookstore). To quote the Introduction of the book:
This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:
- Nothing real can be threatened.
- Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”

The book then uses the next 600+ pages of text explaining that concept, as well as providing a year’s worth of daily lessons you may choose to study.

• Call Ceri Booth for more information: (336) 682-7514


4:00 PM

Meditation and Oneness Deeksha Blessing (meets weekly)
Join us for 60 minutes of peaceful meditation and receive the Oneness Deeksha Blessing that makes meditation so much easier. Oneness Deeksha Blessing is a transfer of Divine energy which can quiet the constant chatter of the mind, open the door to higher states of awareness, and help us to awaken into Oneness. And with that comes love, joy, and peace in the present moment.

7 :00 PM

Let's Make Music Ministry
Do you sing or play an instrument and would like to be a part of our Music Ministry? Join us for practice on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm in the Education building. If you have questions, please contact W.G. Ireland (336) 374-9005 or Bob Hicks at (336) 406-8297/

7:00 PM

Great Invocation (Transmission) Meditation (meets weekly)
The purpose of Transmission Meditation is to be a service to Humanity and to all life on our planet. As people raise their consciousness, Peace and Love will flow ever faster into manifestation. Click here for more about Transmission Meditation


9 :00 AM