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...in lieu of flowers
January, 2016
In loving
memory of:

Our son, Tim Foster's birthday on January 20th
January 20, 1967 - October 20, 1987 by
Rev. Elizabeth & Tony Forrest

Thomas Johnson by
Sam & Judy Vestal
Samuel P. Vestal
  Wilbur Garrels by
Rev. Elizabeth & Tony Forrest
Deb Kiger
Wanda Pope
Harry & Gertrude Wallace by
Bernadette Wallace
  Bob Wilson by
Geraldine Gallagher
Lina Ingel by
Mla-Genara Yarborough
  Gordon Daniel Mathis, the father of
Sayla Mathis Nedell
Stanley Bates' birthday on February 1st
the late husband of
Elaine Bates
  Laura Bates, the mother-in-law of
Elaine Bates
Stanley & Geneieve Matuszak,
the parents of
Elaine Bates
In honor of: Janice Papst's 70th birthday on January 18th Sam & Judy Vestal's 30th wedding anniversary on January 14th
February, 2016
In loving
memory of:
Bruce Kardon, the loving husband of
Anne Kardo for Valentine's Day
Wilbur Garrels by
Rhonda Collins
In honor of:

The Unity Church Family by
Rev. Elizabeth & Tony Forrest

The Garrels Family

March, 2016
In loving
memory of:
Arietta Carroll, the mother of
Rev. Elizabeth Forrest
In honor of:

Bob Hicks birthday on March 6 by
Donald Baity

 Warren Forrest's birthday on March 24 by
Rev. Elizabeth & Tony Forrest
  Rev. Elizabeth & Tony Forrest's 27th wedding
anniverary on March 22
Tony Forrest's birthday on March 25
by Rev. Elizabeth Forrest
  Madison Elizabeth Felts' 7th birthday on March 26
by Aleena & Dan Felts
Flora, Carl & Jon, children of and
by Ma-Genara Yarbrough
  Unity Church of Winston-Salem
by Lisa Butterfield
April, 2016
In loving
memory of:
Lawrence A. Durie (whose 96th birthday
would have been on April 4th)

by his daughter, Levonda Leamon
Fleeta Smith the mother-in-law and
mentor of
Merlene Smith
  Eva Vail (whose birthday
would have been on April 18th)

by her daughter, Joyce Vail
Emma Vail (whose birthday
would have been on April 28th)

by her grand-daughter, Joyce Vail
  Louie & Pearl Collins (whose 70th wedding anniversaty would have been on April 6th)
by their daughter, Rhonda Collins
Michael DiCarlo, the beloved brother
of Cecelia DiCarlo
  Reba Garcia, the daughter of Barbara (Bobbie) Garcia Tom Gilsenan, whose 94th birthday would have been in April, by his wife Carolyn Gilsenan
  Martha Hartrick, born April 17, 1895, the aunt and hero
of Sue H Stevens
Bruce Kardon, from his wife, Anne Kardon
In honor of: Savannah Ivey, who turns 11 years old on April 12th,
by her grandmother, Callie Carter
Xander Garcia, born March 23rd, who is the new grandson, to Barbara (Bobbie) Garcia
  Tal & Amie Harris, for their outstanding performance at fundraiser, by Jack Strayhorn